How Much to Repair if Your Car Was Damaged by Floods

How Much to Repair if Your Car Was Damaged by Floods

Central Malaysia surrounding Selangor, Pahang and Capital Kuala Lumpur was flooded due to a 3-day non-stop storms and heavy rainfall. This has led to many deaths, millions in damages, displacement of over 60,000 people and damaged cars caused by flood.

Not long ago, we reported an article “Insurance Coverage for Flood Damage“, in the article it is stated that 59% motorist isn’t covered and MET has warned a certain state to have higher rainfall between November and December 2021. In addition to flooding, landslides and falling trees are potential perils that Malaysian motorists are not prepared for. Only one in three active motorists (34%) reported having coverage for storms including falling trees, and only 29% are covered for landslides.

To assist flood victims without these coverage, many car manufacturer steps up including Proton, Perodua, Honda, Toyota to a hand and offer discounts of parts and free labour for repairs. Although it is not much but anything is better than nothing.

Recently we have uncovered an quotation for Honda City GM6 exceeding over RM70,000 and would take 3 months to complete the repair. There are 98 items in the quotation. Workshops says it may cost anywhere between RM20,000 and RM40,000 and it varried between models as most cars these days are equipped with a lot of electronic components.

What to do if your car has flood damage?

Act Quickly : Remove your battery terminal(-VE) if flood water is rising quickly above engine level. When flood water receded, avoid starting your flooded car – this will cause more damage if there’s water inside the engine.

Survey Potential Damage : Start drying your car as quickly as possible and do not switch on any electronic as it may further damage any electronic components such as your ECU. Check your dipstick and look for water droplets which will likely indicate that there’s water in your engine. There could also be water inside your transmission and fuel tank.

Contact your Insurance : File a claim. Contact your insurance for towing and panel workshops. Do not engage with any third party. Always seek assistant from your insurance.

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