UMW Toyota Motor holds “15th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest”

UMW Toyota Motor holds “15th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest”

UMW Toyota Motor Holds the“15th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest”

From 1st January to 11th February 2022, UMW Toyota Motor will hold the “Toyota Dream Car Art Contest,” which invites children from all corners of the globe to share ideas about the future of mobility by drawing their dream cars. Every great idea was born in the glimmer of a dream, and we at Toyota hope that this activity will help nurture the creativity of the next generation of great inventors, thinkers and dreamers.

The contest is comprised of the National Contest and the World Contest. The “National Contest” will be held in each participating country from August 2021 to February 2022. Winners of this contest will be entered as representatives of their own country into the “World Contest,” to be held in Japan.

Since 2004, the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest has been conducted as part of Toyota’s social contribution initiatives. In 2021, there were more than 1,100,000 entries from 75 countries and regions around the globe.

National Contest Information

Entry Period1st January – 11th February 2022
Target ApplicantThose who are 15 years old and younger and who live in Malaysia
Age Categories(1) Category 1: 7 years old or under
(2) Category 2: 8–11 years old
(3) Category 3: 12–15 years old

*For details and the history of the contest, please refer to the Toyota Global website or Toyota Malaysia website:

Toyota Global website:
Toyota Malaysia website:

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