Tom’s Racing Special Toyota GR Supra Pays Tribute To Paul Walker

Tom’s Racing Special Toyota GR Supra Pays Tribute To Paul Walker

Tom’s Racing and Japanese magazine Safari have joined forces to design a special Toyota Supra that pays tribute to late actor Paul Walker.

Walker was a big fan of the A80 Supra and actually owned a handful of them, including a white one. With that in mind, Tom’s Racing and the Safari magazine decided to finish the exterior of this A90 Supra in matte white.

Elsewhere, the sports car has been equipped with a distinctive rear wing inspired by the one on the A80 Supra. A set of iconic BBS LM wheels measuring 20 inches at all four corners have also been fitted. This is apt as the white Supra that Brian O’Connor drove in the closing scenes of Furious 7 was owned by Walker himself and also had BBS LM wheels.

Tom’s Racing has also made some performance modifications to the car. For example, it features a bespoke Power Box that lifts grunt of the turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine up to 420 hp. The Supra has also been equipped with KW V3 adjustable coilover suspension.

The Japanese tuner will make some changes to the interior of the car as well, although it has yet to release photos of the updated cabin.

Tom’s Racing intends on building just three examples of this special Supra priced at 1,297,000 yen, or $116,759. Applications to purchase one will be open until October 31, 2021 and if there are more than three, a lottery will be held to determine who can buy them.

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