Zenvo TSR-S Is a Wild Hypercar

Zenvo TSR-S Is a Wild Hypercar

Active aerodynamics and a twin-supercharged V-8 make Denmark's native hypercar wild both to behold and to drive. It's not even that Zenvo remains Denmark's only native automaker

The Zenvo TSR-S is the road going version of Zenvo’s track-only version, the Zenvo TSR. The Zenvo TSR-S was first unveiled to the public at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show to officially showcase the car to the public eye. The TSR-S features a redesigned larger front grille with integrated splitter and diffuser compared to the track only car. The massive Carbon Fiber wing on the rear of the car is able to rotate within 2 degrees of angle based on the driver’s steering and also under braking to allow for air braking and also high cornering stability. The interior of the car however is the same as the TSR, but optional upgrades such as sound system and climate control can be optioned into the TSR-S. The total weight of the TSR-S is 1495kg which makes the car 85KG lighter than the TS1 GT.

The TSR-S has received an update on the powertrain. With the powerful 5.8 liter twin supercharged V8, the TSR-S now produces a whopping 1177HP to the rear wheels at 8500RPMs. According to Zenvo, the TSR-S is able to go from 0 to 100km/h in only 2.8 seconds and 0 to 200km/h in 6.8 seconds.
Zenvo TSR-S是Zenvo TSR的道路用版本。 Zenvo TSR-S首次在2018年日内瓦车展 (Geneva Motor Show) 上向公众亮相,以向公众正式展示这款车。与Zenvo TSR相比,TSR-S具有重新设计的较大前格栅 (front grille),带有集成的分离器 (splitter)和扩散器 (diffuser)。汽车后部的大型碳纤维机翼能够根据驾驶员的转向以及在制动状态下旋转2度角,从而实现空气制动 (Air Braking) 和高转弯稳定性。但是,汽车的内部与TSR相同,但是TSR-S可以选择诸如音响系统和气候控制之类的可选升级。 TSR-S的总重量为1495kg,这使汽车比TS1 GT轻了85kg。
TSR-S已收到有关动力总成的更新。凭借强大的5.8升双增压 (Twin Supercharged) V8,TSR-S现在以8500RPM的速度为后轮产生高达1177马力。根据Zenvo的说法,TSR-S只需2.8秒从0到100 km/h,而6.8秒内就可以从0到200 km / h。

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