Laferrari Power: Ferrari Expands Its Range Of After Sales Services

Laferrari Power: Ferrari Expands Its Range Of After Sales Services

The new extended warranty and scheduled maintenance service is dedicated to the LaFerrari and LaFerrari Aperta supercars .

Maranello, 29 September 2021 – Ferrari presents the new LaFerrari Power extended warranty and  programmed maintenance service for owners of the LaFerrari and LaFerrari Aperta, an absolute  first for the Maranello-based company’s limited-edition supercars. 

The LaFerrari Power service is for customers who want to maintain the performance and excellence  of the Company’s first-ever hybrid car, which is equipped with the F1-derived HY-KERS hybrid  system. 

LaFerrari Power is a two-year renewable programme that can be activated at any official Ferrari  dealer, regardless of the car’s year of production. 

Owners of LaFerrari or LaFerrari Aperta who take advantage of the LaFerrari Power service will  benefit from the extension of the car’s factory warranty, which includes, among other things, the HY KERS system and high-voltage battery. This is the first time that Maranello has offered its clients this  kind of extended warranty for one of its limited-series models, testifying to the quality and reliability  of its cars. 

LaFerrari Power also includes annual scheduled maintenance during which Maranello-trained  technicians will perform a wide range of inspections to ensure that the car is maintained to optimum  levels. 

The LaFerrari Power launch coincides with the tenth anniversary of the introduction of Genuine  Maintenance, the class-leading scheduled maintenance programme available on every new Ferrari in  the range up until seven years after purchase. This new service confirms the Company’s  commitment to providing maximum peace of mind and how it continues to set the standard  throughout the industry for customer care. 

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