Refreshed Proton X70 with 1.8 TGDI Engine and DCT Gearbox. Is It Worth It?

Refreshed Proton X70 with 1.8 TGDI Engine and DCT Gearbox. Is It Worth It?

In the PROTON X70, it's never just a drive. It's about making your life better with intuitive intelligence.

The Proton X70 range first came into the Malaysian market in December 2018 and has been in the market for almost 3 years. As you can see from the number of X70s on the roads it has become one of the most popular SUVs in the market.

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The Proton X70 which received many compliments on its euro-ish design during the launch, looks just as good now, while I agree that some say it is starting to look aged, maybe that will be the case in another few more years.

The 3rd generation Geely derived 1.8 TDGI Direct Injection engine feels brisk on city and highway duties and the engine noise doesn’t sound strained nor does it really intrude into the cabin, the refinement of the engine shows in the end result! The DCT gearbox which was upgraded from the conventional automatic transmission in 2020, delivers smooth power delivery through it’s 7 available cogs. While most buyers will not be able to distinguish between the automatic and DCT transmissions but having a lighter, faster shifting and more efficient gearbox should show in fuel consumption numbers. And if the gearbox is good enough to be used in a Volvo, it should be good enough for a Proton.

Internally, the cabin is quite a pleasant space to be in, it feels airy and bright, partly thanks to the huge panoramic sunroof on top. The dashboard design feels quite elegant with the buttons integrated into the design cues. While I was initially impressed with the voice controls of the infotainment system, it quickly becomes apparent that the system has not really matured yet, voice commands are sometimes unrecognised by the system and you will find that it’s faster to do the tasks by pressing the switches instead, its got good potential and I can’t wait for the new updates to the system. 

Proton together with Geely blew the competition out of the water when it first introduced the Proton X70 with a whole host of electronic safety and assist functions normally only available in higher priced cars. They captured the desires of gadget freaks and those seeking for convenience in one blow by adding features like Autonomous Emergency Braking, Forward Collision Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning, Intelligent High Beam Control and full list of other stuff. While its not fair to compare it with the much newer X50, it doesn’t fall far from each other, and if compared to vehicles at similar price points, there’s nothing that comes close it its specs.

The Proton X70 rides with a continental vibe and glides over road imperfections in a way that most occupants will not notice that they’re travelling over a bad patch of tarmac. The doors close with a solidness that I don’t normally associate with locally produced cars. This is the second Proton that I’ve driven after the emergence of Geely and it has not failed to impress me! I no longer carry lower expectations and compare it to other makes with a handicap because of its pricing, but it is actually on par if not better than some of its direct competitors. Add in the advantage of its competitive pricing of RM123,800, its a no brainer why the Proton X70 is one of the top selling SUVs in Malaysia!

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