Which Ultra High Performance Tyre is Right for you?

All 3 models give fairly good traction even after worn down at remaining tread of 30%.. Which one will suits you best?

We’ve tested 3 popular brands in our local motorsport community with variable threadwear of TW200 and TW 240. These tyres are made from Japan, China and Korea. Here’s what we think about these 3 brands.

AD08R has the most consistent overall tread wearing. Most predictable overall traction on wet and dry. But traction limit is lower on dry compare to the other 2. Well manner and balance on wet surface as well. Most quiet tread block on rolling.

GREDGE 07R tread wearing is consistent too. Predictable dry grip with extensive wear duration. Road noise is slightly higher than the Yoko. But dry and wet condition it is comparable to the Yoko. Little bit of tyre flexing movement feeling when it is at the limit temperature.

NFera SUR4G tread wearing is the least consistent out of these 3. But the hard sidewall give the best steering feel / harshness on bounce and bump are greater. Biggest humming noise among all, worst after worn down. A little lower grip on wet compare to the GREDGE 07R. Silica compound on the SUR4G seems the softest after some harsh wheel spinning and hand brake pulling. The Gredge 07R with TW240 feels like it will last forever. While the Yokohama remain balance off throughout.

All 3 models give fairly good traction even after worn down at remaining tread of 30%. Of course, at a safe and controlled speed on the public road. Beside the worn tyre noise. AD08R posted the most expensive in the market follow by SUR4G and cheapest to the Gredge 07R.

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