Three Young Winners of 15th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest To Compete Globally At World Contest

Three Young Winners of 15th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest To Compete Globally At World Contest

UMW Toyota Motor today announced the winners of its annual “Toyota Dream Art Contest” who have impressed the judges with their creativity expressing their dream car through art. Emerging as the top and talented young artists in the National Contest, these nine artists will be making their way to Japan and representing Malaysia in the World Contest on August 2022.

“Despite the pandemic, I am pleased to announce that we received over 2,280 entries. I would like to thank the participants, their parents and everyone involved for making this year’s Toyota Dream Car Art Contest a success! We are very inspired by the imagination and ideas of these children and I enjoyed looking at the future of mobility through their perspectives. As a leader in mobility, we will continue innovating with a focus on sustainability to pave the pathway to our future of Electrification in Malaysia,” said President of UMW Toyota Motor, Ravindran. K.

The winners of the 15th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest are Chong Xia Juan, 7 years old, from Category 1 (7 years old and under), Choo Yi Zhe, 10 years old, from Category 2 (8 -11 years old) and Liew Jia Xin, 13 years old, from Category 3. While every artwork submission was invigorating and stimulating, brimming with the passion and dreams of the young artists, the artworks of these three talents stood out the most.

At the virtual Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Closing Ceremony, Mohd Shamsor Mohd Zain, UMW Toyota Motor Executive Director of Sales, thanked the participants for sending in their submissions and for their continued support towards the initiative. He also applauded the creativity of the participants and hopes that the next generation of great inventors, thinkers and dreamers can be nurtured from this contest.

“Without setting boundaries or limitations, the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest encourages children to let their creative and imaginative minds run free as we believe that every great idea was born in the glimmer of a dream. All of this year’s artwork submissions were very impressive and it wasn’t easy choosing the final victors of the National Competition. I would like to congratulate the winners of the 15th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest and wish them the best of luck as they represent Malaysia in the next phase of the contest, the World Contest in Japan!” he commented.

The Toyota Dream Car Art Contest seeks to cultivate children’s imagination and artistic expression in the form of art. Since 2004, it has been held annually as part of the automaker’s social contribution initiatives which invites young artists from all over the globe to imagine what the future of mobility will look like by drawing their dream car.“As we remain focused on propelling society forward by educating, engaging and empowering people beyond the road, we will continue holding this annual contest to engage and educate our children and empower them as future society leaders. We look forward to your continued support and interest each year,” Ravindran. K added.

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