The Final Week of Toyota 86 Club Malaysia Reunion 2021

The Final Week of Toyota 86 Club Malaysia Reunion 2021

As they approach to their final week of the Toyota 86 Reunion, drivers are looking forward to the e-racing and e-drifting races this weekend.

Every year in August, Toyota 86 owners and enthusiasts around the world come together to celebrate ‘The 86 Day’. Despite the fact that Malaysia is still under strict nationwide lockdown, the Toyota 86 Club in Malaysia launches their Reunion event a few weeks ago on the 6th August 2021 with a list of exciting activities and competition online.

Starting from the 6 August – 28 August 2021, the club has planned a list of activities which includes their first GT Sport E-Racing and Assetto Corsa E-Drifting. Alongside the e-games, other activities includes webinars with curated topics such as car care, advance driving, turbo talks just to name a few.

All activities and competition is sponsored by Pit & Go Vision Auto Sport, Sunway and Lukoil Lubricant Malaysia.

The Gran Turismo Sport E-Racing Competition will be held on the 27th August 2021. We have shortlisted to final 12 drivers and the top 3 winners will stand a chance to win HKS products and official merchandise.

HKS is a world’s leading tuning parts manufacturer and have a full line up of product for both professional and light tuning from Japan.

In the final race, all drivers will race against each other in Tsukuba Circuit for 15 laps. The race is schedule to broadcast live on Youtube and Facebook. It will be the club first E-Racing event currently managed by Royston Lim, also one of our senior members.

We have selected Tsukuba Circuit to host our race because it is one of the most popular circuit in Japan.

The 2.045km long circuit located in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan is approximate 60 km north of Central Tokyo. Tsukuba ‘Time Attack’ is also one of the most notable event and a proving ground for street tuned cars built at a large budget by highly respected tuning companies in Japan and around the world.

Besides the highly anticipated Gran Turismo E-Racing, the Toyota 86 Club Malaysia will also be hosting E-Drifting with Assetto Corsa on a custom made Lukoil Malaysia layout based on the popular Shah Alam W2 Parking and customized Lukoil Toyota 86 Race Car. With the help from our seasoned E-Drifter Villian Heng and Brandon Leong, the event has attracted over 20 drivers. The top 3 winners from our Assetto Corsa E-Drifting competition will stand a chance to win prizes from Lukoil Malaysia.

LUKOIL is the leader of the Russian oil industry in exploration, production, refining and marketing of petroleum products. They produces a wide range of engine oils that meet the most advanced operating requirements and specifications of both Russian and foreign vehicle and equipment manufacturers.

The E-Drifting will be held on the 27th and 28th August 2021. The event will be judge by veteren drifter, Azrina Jane and Eric Wong from Lukoil Malaysia.

Since the launch of 86 X BRZ Malaysia Reunion 2021 on the 6th August 2021, the club has hosted other activities including a series of curated webinar sessions such as car care, turbo talks, drifting, driving and gymkhana. They manage to get in touch and spoke with a few active female members from the club.

On Empowering Women, both our speaker and Toyota 86 owner Azrina Jane and Azura Hachiroku shared with us their involvement in Motorsports and the challenges to stand-out from a man dominated community. Lastly, the final “Virtual Teh Tarik” Zoom session is set on the 28th August 2021 at 10.00pm local time. The club is expected to also announce the winners for all the activities and competition.

Weekend Octane is the exclusive media partner for Toyota 86 Malaysia Reunion 2021. We like to wish good luck and have fun to all drivers for both E-Racing and E-Drifting.

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