Posts and Roasts; What is Malaysia Automotive Shitposting?

Posts and Roasts; What is Malaysia Automotive Shitposting?

Their rules is to post and roast mercilessly. If you are sensitive they will kick you. If you have anything worth roasting then post it in Malaysia Automotive Shitposting now.

In just about a month, a Malaysian Facebook page Malaysia Automotive Shitposting grew from 10,000 to almost 45,000 members till date. What is ‘Shitposting’? It is a specific page to humor shit post as it name after however keeping it only within automotive related content.

There are over 130 new posts daily (approximately 1 post every 10 minutes) from Malaysia Automotive Shitposting Facebook. Almost every post made are hilarious and the comments made are even funnier.

Some of the most roasted post are usually from Perodua Myvi, Proton Wira, Honda and Toyota as they are also one of the most popular car in Malaysia. However sometime you will see some neighboring Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia feature in the Facebook page.

We have compiled Top 10 Malaysia Automotive Shitposting just for you!

#1 A monk is seen to be blessing a large turbo from the Isuzu Dmax in Thailand

#2 Fake Brembo caliper covers are meant for show purpose only

#3 A popular aerodynamic modification popularised by Honda owners

#4 Pops and Bangs?

#5 Vtec kick-in yo but isn’t that a Perodua Myvi

#6 There’s too many of loud cars and motorcycles on the road

#7 We’re unsure how this trend becomes popular

#8 Malaysia took kanjo to a whole different level

#9 Probably one of the most popular tagline among shiposter today

#10 The popular terms from a popular car review Youtube channel

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