Koenigsegg Jesko Pre-Production Revealed and Sold-Out

Koenigsegg Jesko Pre-Production Revealed and Sold-Out

As impressive as the design is inside and out, the highlight of the video is towards the end when Christian von Koenigsegg does a few hard accelerations.

Customer deliveries of the Jesko are due to start in early 2022 and just 125 examples are destined to be built. Just a few days ago, Koenigsegg showed off a pre-production Jesko finished in a bright orange color that was offered on Koenigsegg’s CCR in the company’s early days.

They call this ‘Tang Orange Pearl’ and I think it’s beautiful, vivid and bright and fiery, adorned with silver and carbon fibre accents, and specifically designed as a tribute to the original Koenigsegg CCR. The cabin is equally orange, and ‘carbon-fibre-esque’, equipped with the de rigueur tech you expect from modern cars, including a racing-inspired ‘SmartCluster’ instrument display behind the steering wheel and the ‘SmartCenter’ touchscreen for the infotainment and sat-nav.

Following the walkaround video with none other than Christian von Koenigsegg, he walks through some of the highlights, including the carbon fiber wheels wrapped in bespoke Michelin tires, which should be good for record-breaking speeds. The engine is an evolution of the same 5.0-litre twin-turbo V8 that powers the Agera, fitted with a new 180° flat-plane crankshaft, which makes it 5 kg lighter and 250 rpm more ‘revvy’. It delivers 1,281 hp on ‘normal’ petrol and 1,603 hp/1,106 lb-ft on E85 fuel ,and the power is sent to the rear wheels courtesy of a new 9-speed ‘multi-clutch’ transmission developed by Koenigsegg themselves.

This gearbox is lighter and shorter than the Agera’s 7-speed dual-clutch and speaking of weight, the Jesko only weighs 1,420 kg in its ‘standard’ configuration, and 1,390 in the ‘Absolut’ form, which also has a better drag coefficient and a top speed of 483 kph (300 mph).

Only 125 units will be built (between the Jesko and the Jesko Absolut), and they’ve all been allocated and sold despite the base price of € 2.5m ($2.9m / £2.14m. Deliveries are scheduled to start in early 2022.

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