Hydrogen Fuel Cell and The 2021 Toyota Mirai

The Toyota Mirai sees a complete overhaul for the 2021 model year as it enters its second generation. The most noticeable change is the complete revamp in exterior design.

It is nearly two seconds quicker than what Toyota’s written on paper. The 2021 Toyota Mirai is powered by an electric motor that will sprint from 0 -100km/h at approximately 7.4 seconds – that’s two seconds quicker from Toyota’s own 9.4-seconds estimate.
The electric motor produces 182-hp and 221 lb-ft of torque and it’s connected to the rear axle; it is a rear-wheel-drive. Toyota touts it as “a premium rear-wheel drive sports luxury FCEV”
FCEV = Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle
The Mirai is, at its heart, a hybrid car. There’s a small 1.24 kWh battery. The battery gets the Mirai rolling from rest before the fuel cell stacks starts up, then assist with acceleration as needed and acting as sole power when cruising at steady speeds. The Mirai fuel economy is measured in MPGe – Miles Per Gallon Equivalent- and the EPA gives it a 74 MPGe combined rating. Converted into metric it is 29.1 kWh/100km. The Mirai is reported to have approximate 650km range.
Hydrogen Fuel Cell is currently unavailable in Malaysia. It is unsure when Malaysia will be introducing Hydrogen Fuel Stations in the future at the time of writing.

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