Honda NSX Legacy Of Performance Continues

Honda NSX Legacy Of Performance Continues

Only 350 Type S variants will be built, with 300 of them allocated for the U.S. market. And it looks like the regular NSX may not even be available. Acura's website no longer shows the regular NSX. Only the Type S is shown under the model selection menu.

To celebrate the final year of NSX production, the NSX Type S arrives with more power and an exclusive aero design on August 12th.

Like the fastest line around a track, every turn setting up the next, the momentum of our future comes from the speed of our past. From legends like the TL and RSX Type S models, Precision Crafted Performance has always been our pursuit. Fueled by that heritage, the Type S returns in its most powerful incarnation, ready to conquer new roads.

Prices of the first-generation NSX, introduced in 1990 and considered one of the best supercars of its era, have been on a steady rise in recent years. It’s hard to say whether this generation NSX will follow suit in the collectors’ market decades from now, as despite positive reviews it never quite caught with brand-conscious buyers. But if it does end up becoming a sought-after classic, though, the Type S will surely be worth a hefty premium.

The NSX Type S will be fully revealed next Thursday, August 12.


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