BMW Malaysia to Install DC Fast Chargers at Major Highways and Malls

BMW Malaysia to Install DC Fast Chargers at Major Highways and Malls

Malaysia EV is still under developed by with the new EV incentives announced, Malaysia industry players hopes to see a brighter days ahead.

Electric Vehicle(EV) owners in Malaysia will have a peace of mind soon when travelling around the peninsular because BMW Malaysia has confirmed it plans to build more DC fast charger across the countries. It is not known how many charging facilities to be set up but plans their plans are to build them in high frequent area such as highway rest area and shopping malls – possible at hotels too.

DC fast chargers is capable of charging from zero to 80% electrical vehicle’s battery in less than 20 minutes for most EV. It’ll make the EV charging process so much more convenient in a realistic world. It is also announced by Porsche that they too will be taking similiar initiatives to build 12 charging stations at six shell stations along the North-South Highways by mid-2022.

“The key strategy for the nation to move towards sustainable mobility within the urban environment is through industry-wide cooperation. This includes ensuring the necessary infrastructure to support the new technology to increase consumer confidence in the viability of electric vehicles and plug-in-hybrid vehicles,” says BMW Malaysia and GreenTech Malaysia.

The first roll-out is expected to take place within the next six month. Till then a great number of AC chargers facilities are available in many places today. More to supplement the existing infrastructure too.

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